Wednesday, December 24, 2008

iPod for kids

(8y) Christmas - 2nd hand ipod nano(from a relative) and a £18 iPod speaker from Play

- make sure the audio limiter is on
- keep the media appropriate to the childs age
- too much media at one time can be overwhelming - stagger uploading material.
- only the first few chapters of a audio book is loaded, to encourage reading the rest.
- with music or audio-literature motivation to first concentrate on the media is often driven my what they are studying in class or what friends have introduced. by noticing what is happening and regular discussion with my partner and offspring we can find things to encourage. This can then be developed by extending into a similar genre. I find its abou making choices available at the appropriate time.
- as with most media, discussion during/after is paramount.

I tried using community readings of books but on the whole the quality technically and of he speakers reading skills were so poor compared to he professional versions that my 8y old just wanted them removed to make more space.

Shared community read literature (free):

The ipod gets used on a daily basis mainly to listen to Harry Potter books that she has already read. On the music front, i have found that unless she has been introduced to music via her class or peers she listens to little else. So her tastes are limited to the beatles, queen, bob marley, abba, and grease(the soundtrack)

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