Sunday, April 19, 2009

1.4.0 £44.95 Designed for young people - works very well, well designed and is stable. I had a 6year old animating lego on his own in a few minutes. (one i set up the camera and opened the software). Includes very basic keying for chromakeying background, basic drawing and export for imovie or QT. Does not have sound of any kind, text or speech bubbles or uploading files taken from a digital camera. Wished the spacebar was take picture not play - 'apple'+return is not a good shortcutkey for capture-frame. v2 £34.70 / £70.11
Basic interface suitable for children and teens, My six year old could use it but preferred 'I can animate' as it's interface was less busy. Comes in three versions Home, Express and pro. Express & pro include Sound, lipsync, basic roto. All versions have flipbook printing, chromakeying/compositing, video recording. AnimAide XT 1.09 £28.66
- No Longer in development
- A couple of features that others don't have including having great word/phrase support (placing words visually as well as acoustically on the time line) & rotoscope (import a file to onionskin with). But crashed often and the display flickered on my MacBook. The interface has a very 1990's unintuitive design. Not aimed at young people. Looks like a young product, may change with future updates.

- dont bother -not good for stop motion..

Others I have not tested:
- Professional Animation for adults. Comes recommend by fellow artists. $40
- powerPC only BTV Pro
- great simple interface
- open source, a bit buggy when last tested in 2008

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