Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nintendo DS games for Kids

My daughter got her DS aged 7 and my son 6. Both presents from a grandparent.
I was apprehensive about them having a personal games console, but reasoned that as long as I could offer better alternatives (i.e. human interaction) the DS would be ok. I

I started by only having games that used the stylus as interface, avoiding 'clicky' games. I also avoided games that incited sort bursts of adrenaline, that you had to endlessly repeat and had that style of addictive fascination.

After a year or so, when on holidays (with long car journeys), i would temporarily allow these sort of high excitement games. And at the end of the holiday we would sit down together and review which games they liked, which games they were stuck on and needed help.

Music Games:
Elite-Beat Agents
Rhythm N Notes
Rhythm DS
Maestro Jump in Music

Legend of Zelda
Animal Crossing

i spy fun house


big bang mini
left or right hand ambidexterious

worms open warfare
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